Many of us who have experienced Creative or Writer’s Block will recognise the feeling of frustration coupled with self-recrimination. The internal nagging voice which says, “Do I have anything of worth to say?” or “Will it be good enough?” stops us in our tracks. The accompanying feeling of anxiety, agitation and self-doubt can be debilitating.


A Personal Journey

Writers block can be agonizing for people who experience it, students, researchers professional and amateur writers alike. However it is has other widespread negative consequences.

There are many things we would like to have expressed but hit a wall instead. It is sad to think of the many ideas and  potential projects that have remained stuck, wasted. Instead, we have turned to other “vital” activities, such as cleaning the fridge, weeding the garden, hitting a few balls at the golf range, and all manner of “crucial” tasks which suddenly become much more important. Frustratingly, our  procrastination may cost us dearly. For example, a recent idea for a business development was scuppered by someone with a similar idea, who had not been bogged down by wanting to get the text “just right”. read more